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Here are some suggestions to assist you in getting your roof repaired in winter.

Jul 24


The majority of homeowners have their roofs replaced in the summer months. It can happen anywhere between May and October. While you may be able to have your roof replaced in the winter months, there are bound to be issues with the installation, and also in the months following the melting of ice and snow.

Can you replace your roof during winter?

If your roof has sustained significant damage due to storms or tree falls some roofing companies are capable of replacing it during winter. The roof that is damaged should be replaced as soon as it is discovered. In the event that it is not replaced, you may end up having it for the entire winter long, which could lead to further problems.


The benefit of replacing your roof in winter is that you'll be the first on the list. A lot of contractors are booked throughout the throughout the year. Since they are able to work around the conditions your roof will receive the attention and attention it deserves.

How cold is Too Cold?

For roofing to work correctly, materials must be between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The adhesive won't stick to temperatures below 40°F. The adhesive will not stick to shingles if nail guns and compressors used to join to them become frozen. There's not enough airflow to allow them to work even in temperatures below freezing. The lower temperatures typically occur between late October and March, but they can also occur earlier.


The reason you should consider replacing your roof during the warm months

The sun's heat and temperature trigger adhesives that are used to fix asphalt roofing shingles to roofs. The adhesive won't work well in damp, cold or cloudy weather. Roof repair that is affordable in San Antonio, Texas can try to convince you to change your roof in the summer months.


Roofers with a good reputation are the best option to replace your roof

Professionals should be handling roofing replacement. Repairing leaks in the roof of San Antonio Texas is likely to know more about the best way to repair it, and how to get it done right the first time.


While it is feasible to do roof work in Winter however, it can be dangerous and may be difficult. This is the reason it is recommended to employ a different contractor. Although most homeowners don't have the tools to tackle roofs during winter, skilled contractors are.

Find a high-quality roofing system to shield your house from weather damage

Shield Roofing is here to help you with your roof maintenance needs throughout the year. To get a no-cost estimate on your home, contact us. We will give you a price and assist you in scheduling an appointment in the event that weather permits, you require your roof repaired during winter.


You require a roofing contractor San Antonio, no matter the season. Contact us today or visit our website to find out more!



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